Monday, June 10, 2024


Why Experienced?

Food means something different to everyone. A plate of food can be amazing to different people for different reasons. Flavor might be the most important aspect of a good dish, but good flavor will be determined by the person eating the food. This means that 2 people could be eating the same dish and have 2 completely different appreciations.

A good critic doesn’t only relay on the sensitivity of his palate. His knowledge and first hand experience from the originating culture should be the basis of his opinion and not his personal preferences. Followed be the experience of actually cooking the dish and understanding the cuisine.

In more refined cases, being able to picture a dish from a menu and be able to see it translate on the dish and the palate. Being able to picture what the chef was thinking or even not thinking when developing a recipe. Connecting the concept with the food and its flavor.

Knowing the difference between a mistake in execution from a mistake in thought process or the recipe’s development. Recognizing if the right cooking techniques were implemented in the preparation and if the dish was an homage or a total disconnection. If the essence was understood and preserved or was never grasped and became completely distorted.

There should be a clear distinction between the levels of expertise and the kind of food is being reviewed in order to be fair and not compare a taco stand to a steakhouse.

We are able to take this responsibility and be objective due to our ample culinary expertise and background, our immersion in diverse cultures, our experience eating first hand in over 1000+ rated restaurants world wide and our commitment to continuing our efforts to keep doing the work and surrendering ourselves to the fact that there’s so much more to learn and EAT.

Why Unbiased?

We take lots of pride in the fact that we do not operate as a marketing company. We do not provide exposure to restaurants or food based on a contractual agreement.

We do not profit from the advertising of any restaurant or food service. We are humble enough to understand we are not the last word, when it comes to food, but our word is undeniably uncorrupted.

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